"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." - Thomas A. Edison

"Get off that couch and go buy that rundown duplex" - me

Monday, January 19, 2015

Jump in!

Read a great post titled "How to invest in real estate while earning minimum wage" by Tracy Royce

She describes some "out of the box" ways to get into the game with little or no money or income.

"Say you’re too shy, don’t know anyone in your area, or no one’s giving you the time of day after many attempts. Still want to break into real estate investing? If you’re passionate about being involved in some way, the second option is to get a job in some segment of real estate that requires day to day office work. I specifically don’t say “get your license” because once you have your license, you’re a free agent and can easily slack off. I’m talking about getting a position where you’re being paid to learn, listen to lingo, and make connections. Often these jobs are low on the totem pole, but are great for getting your foot in the proverbial door.
Some positions that are fantastic to target are administrative assistant, front office assistant, office manager, to name a few. These positions tend to advance up the ladder in medium to larger companies, so that might mean more to you as well. Heck, I’ve had friends in corporate positions at RE companies that keep their jobs there, use the W2 income to buy a property (or few), and their connections to get good deals, discounted title fees, and good contractors." 
I would add construction to the list. Not only will you learn alot of skills from working, but you can also make excellent contacts in the trades. Talk to everyone (while working hard, don't be a slacker!) and see how things operate on a construction site. Seeing a building going up from top to bottom is an education in itself.

Why flip burgers when you can be involved in the industry that can make you rich?